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Practice Areas

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Commercial Lending

Commercial lending is an important area of practice for us. Although our expertise and experience covers the spectrum of commercial lending transactions, the bulk of our work falls into three areas. One, representation of banks, insurance companies and other clients that lend money in the State. Two, representation of business and individuals that borrow regularly. Three, service as local counsel for lenders and borrowers in transactions that have connection with St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Extensive experience allows our attorneys to carefully but efficiently negotiate, document and close all types of financing transactions. In particular, our experience in representing both borrowers and lenders allows us to focus on substantive matters and resolve issues in a way that serves the interests of our clients. We believe commercial lending is more than the production of canned documents or negotiation of standard changes to boilerplate clauses. We bring our experience, knowledge and imagination to the table for the benefit of our clients in commercial lending transactions.

Real Estate

Ownership and use of land is an integral part of everyone’s personal and business life. Thus, real estate transactions may be as simple as a transfer deed or they may be complex, multi-million dollar business deals. We have substantial hands-on experience in planning, structuring, negotiating and closing real estate deals for clients located throughout the world. Consequently, we can bring you the collective knowledge of a group of lawyers who have seen and done the full spectrum of real estate transactions for our clients. We know how others have done similar transactions and we know the types of problems they have encountered. Our experience becomes your asset because we can save you time delays and costs by helping you design a plan that avoids these problems.

We represent many diverse real estate clients including companies and small businesses, such as farmers and one store retailers; government agencies; individuals; banks; debtors trying to restructure their bank debt; developers planning, building and selling apartments, office space and other commercial real estate ventures; and lenders that finance real estate transactions.

Intellectual Property

Protection of intangible property rights and intellectual property is one of the most important areas of the modern business environment. As the use and importance of technology in business increases, the protection of that technology becomes essential. As the competitive environment becomes more aggressive, so do your needs to position yourself to protect your information, know-how and processes.

Here are some ways we may help:

Corporate Finance

We regularly represent investment banks, lenders, borrowers and other parties in connection with a wide variety of corporate finance transactions.


Corporate law is the medium in which predominately all of our firm’s practice is based. We advise corporations in a wide variety of areas. We serve the needs of growing businesses and the venture capital and investment banking firms that provide them with capital.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We represent our clients in connection with mergers and acquisitions. A number of our clients have also entered into joint ventures and other types of corporate partnering activities with domestic and international businesses.

Formation of Business Entities

We can assist you with the planning for and formation of new business entities to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks to you and your business. We identify, manage and solve a wide variety of legal issues that apply to the formation of new business entities, including issues related to corporate governance, employee benefits, executive compensation, information technology, intellectual property and tax matters.

Estate Planning

Probate and Estate Administration In the course of estate administration, we represent individuals and fiduciaries in all aspects of the probate and administration process. We are experienced in both defending and challenging the validity of wills and trusts. We assist our clients with the complicated tax and probate filings.


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